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Quality seeds for export, Ukraine

from the company LLC "Torg-Agro-Export-Lux"

Welcome to the web site of Torg-Agro-Export-Lux LLC.

от 03.04.18

We would like to offer you (Price FCA).
The price of delivery to your country is calculated according to your request:


Mustard white -
700 euro/t
Mustard yellow -
600 euro/t
Mustard black -
630 euro/t
Mustard-white Mustard-yellow Mustard-black
Chickpeas, large.
Jordan - 600 euro/t
Chickpeas, caliber 6+
- 520 euro/t
Chickpeas Chickpeas
Lentils green -
570 euro/t
Buckwheat - (with qualities for sowing) -
270 euro/t
Lent-gr Buckweat
Vetch, for seeding -
395 euro/t
Alfafla, is not magnetic -
from the harvest of 2019
Sainfoin -
from the harvest of 2019
Vetch alfafla Sainfoin

Skimmed milk
powder 1,5 % fat -
Full cream milk
powder 26% fat -
milk milk-26

The Ukrainian company "Torg-Agro-Export-Lux" LLC has many years of experience in selling seeds in domestic market.
We pay special attention to the quality of the goods, preparing it for European standards.

Our company has been exporting seeds and products since 2017.

We are located in the port city of Odessa.

Seeds can be delivered to your order from the harvest. The assortment in commodity positions develops on the basis of your inquiries.

Thank you for your attention.

We look forward to the development of mutually beneficial cooperation.

Предложение по кукурузе для Беларуси
Цены на 17 ноября 2018 г.

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Прайс (Украина) по состоянию цен
на 1 апреля 2019 г.

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Прайс на семенной материал ПП Торг-Агро-Люкс

Cеменной материал сопровождается документом, подтверждающими качество - Свидетельство на семена.


Доставка семян на склад заказчика осуществляется в срок до 5 дней с момента поступления оплаты на расчетный счет.

If you have any additional questions, to contact to us by e-mail: